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Get in touch with your inner fan girl with Three Olives® Rosé, perfect for getting a day party started. Three Olives® Rosé is a 60 proof vodka at only 90 calories per serving. It's a cocktail forward solution to easy recipes, like Rosé Spritz or Frosé. Delicate and pale pink in color, Three Olives® Rosé has a refreshing strawberry and tart cherry aroma, subtle backgrounds of citrus and wildflower, and hints of pomegranate flavors. (30% ABV – 60 proof) - Winner: GOLD MEDAL (94 points), the New York International Spirits Competition 2019


*The product image has shown may not be an exact representation of the product. For exact product information please see in-store.

Three Olives Rosé Vodka

  • Flavored Vodka 

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