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Luksusowa Vodka [LOOK-SOO-SOH-VAH], which means luxury vodka in Polish, is a vodka brand that does not take itself very seriously, but the vodka – that’s a whole different story. Founded in 1928, Luksusowa has consistently championed Poland’s rich craft vodka heritage, doing things the right way for nearly 100 years. To make each bottle, Luksusowa uses over 45 fresh potatoes sourced from the same family farms for almost a century. Distilling from select potatoes results in a smoother, richer taste compared to grain-based vodkas.


Luksusowa’s efforts have been recognized by consumers, making it the #1-selling potato vodka in the U.S. Aroma: Rich potato and sour cream notes with baked potato skins and light caramelization. Palate: Luscious, smooth and almost creamy on the palate with complex mashed potatoes, buttered popcorn and soured cream. Finish: Potato vodka by nature is much denser, richer and creamier than grain or beet vodkas.


*The product image has shown may not be an exact representation of the product. For exact product information please see in-store.

Luksusowa Original Potato Vodka

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