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Ocean Organic ultra-premium, award-winning, USDA certified organic vodka made in Maui, HI USA. It is the only vodka in the world crafted from a blend of distilled organic sugar cane and deep ocean mineral water.


Using 100% organic sugar cane, the spirits are distilled through a continuous column distillation process, which yields an exceptionally smooth base. The water source comes from 3,000 feet deep in the Pacific Ocean at the base of Hawaii’s Big Island, where at this depth the mineral-rich water is pure and contaminant-free.


Ocean Organic Vodka offers a round, mouthfeel with a subtle hint of sweetness- which is excellent neat, however the minerals form the ocean water also act as natural seasoning agents which brighten and brings out the inherent flavors in any ingredients with which it is mixed.


*The product image shown may not be an exact representation of the product. For exact product information please see in-store.

Ocean Organic Vodka

  • Vodka 

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