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FarmStock Rye Crop No. 003 is the third release of our limited edition annual Triple Terroir Whiskey™ – created from our rye grain, distilled and proofed with our water, and aged in our custom Vermont White Oak.


This year’s release is a historical step for us – the first ever majority WhistlePig Whiskey. Comprised of 52% of our 3-year-old Rye Whiskey, blended with 31% 6-year aged whiskey and 17% 10 year aged whiskey from Alberta, Canada.


  • NOSE: Sweet and aromatic with vanilla, maraschino, roasted chestnuts and hints of cigar box.
  • PALATE: Oak, toffee and baking spices followed by softer notes of creme brulee and rose petals.
  • FINISH: Warm and lasting with a pleasant rye spice.


*The product image shown may not be an exact representation of the product. For exact product information please see in-store.

WhistlePig Farmstock Rye Whiskey Crop No.3

  • Rye Whiskey

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